6 weeks old Temperment Test

Just for fun, we decided to do the Positive Puppy Preview temperament test to look at the development of the puppies' social skills. I'm including two of the tests below, one for George, and one for Stun.

In this test there are 4 stressors followed by two kinds of play. The first stressor is the puppy coming to a strange person and following them around a bit. The tug play and retrieve play is done. The next stressor is being held up quietly, followed by tug and retrieve play. The third stressor is a pressure between the puppy's toes to see when they will pull away, followed by the 2 play sessions. The fourth stressor is a sudden noise to see if the puppy will startle, followed with the 2 play sessions. Finally the tester sees if the puppy is interested in following around a piece of food.

There are no right or wrong answers, as such. But what we like to see is that the puppy can recover from a stressor and engage in play. How quickly they recover and resume play is quite interesting. We normally do this test at 7 weeks, but sometimes in the case of precocious puppies such as these you can see their play drives and social drives begin to develop at 6 weeks.

George Temperament Test

Stun Temperament Test