6 Weeks Old

Everyone was running by this age. Little Diz was having an off day. Steam, who was quiet 10 days before was coming on strong. Handsome Boy and George were barking the most. Spanky 'talks' back to Deb, just like Daddy Diz. Dagny was doing 'drive-by' sneak attacks on all of her brothers. There was a lot of tug play and chasing going on between the puppies.  All of the puppies studied faces when they were being played with by the people present.

Some of the individual photos are blurred. Scruff and George, in particular, weren't interested in being held still. Several of the puppies were wanting to use their paws to help Deb feed them while they were being held for photos. Stun stood out for being the largest puppy, and still possesses the greatest amount of physical prowess. George was still the one doing the most showing off when we were outside. All of their ears were coming up, which sometimes gave them a cute, comical appearance.

We did a preliminary 'puppy aptitude' test to see where the puppies were with their people skills. All of the puppies had great prey drive. Almost all of them were possessive with the little paper ball we were using to see their retrieving skills. Everyone came when they were called and followed the tester, Jenifer Loesing, around the floor. All of the puppies were soft in their touch sensitivity. The only puppy who did not test at the same level as his brothers was Little Diz who just was having a bad day. We will check him again at 7 weeks.