32 days old Photos

The whole gang. Each puppy showed something special. Notably, George was 'on' the whole time. Scruff concentrated on tugging the leashes hanging on the wall. Spanky was really into biting fingers, Stun was the first one to discover he could run faster by moving his legs independently and without bunny hopping. Little Diz discovered he could do a big boy bark and fell in love with the sound of his own voice. Flashy tried to run up the A-frame by himself before being caught. Scruff fell in love with playing in the tunnel.

Each and every puppy made direct eye contact and seemed to be studying faces when spoken to. Each and every puppy made play bows and happy hops at various people. The puppies had their first outdoor experience, and no one was stressed to be in the very different, very much cooler environment.

The little girl, Dagny, is the smallest puppy. Little Diz did not get a head shot because he was tired of standing still, so all his head shots were blurry.