Meet Mickey Rabeneck

Training competitive dogs since 1981, Mickey Rabeneck specializes in solving training problems for exhibition trainers in the agility, obedience, rally, tracking and conformation arenas. She has helped trainers from all over the country in private lessons, in classes, and in training seminars.
Semi-retired for several years, Mickey has been a popular and energetic speaker giving many educational lectures, programs and seminars to public schools, service organizations, professional organizations, dog training clubs and kennel clubs. She has lectured several times for the Missouri Veterinary Technicians Association at Maple Woods Junior College and at one of their state conventions.
She has been interviewed by FOX4 News and has been featured on the call-in WDAF 61-Country radio program sponsored by the Missouri Department of Conservation.   One of her most interesting accomplishments was to design a puppy temperament test that any prospective pet owner can administer without the help of a professional dog trainer. Written up in Gun Dog Magazine in an article by Jim Spencer, this test has been extremely well-received by the public as well as training professionals.
A variety of training techniques are taught in Mickey’s classes and seminars, with reward-based training being the mainstay of her program. A true master trainer, she helps students to teach their dogs to want to perform, resulting in their dogs responding with bright eyes, perky ears, and wagging tails!
Mickey and her students continue to have their share of success in the ring.  She has earned 3 Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) titles, including the very first OTCH in Kansas City, a German Shepherd Dog, OTCH Rabeneck’s Bolzen UD TD. Her three OTCH titles were on three different breeds, including German Shepherd, Golden Retriever and Border Collie. Her own dogs have earned 8 TDs and one TDX. Her High-in-Trial and Highest Combined Score ribbons are too numerous to count.
Over the years her training and coaching techniques have produced hundreds of CD and CDX obedience titles, more than 60 UD titles, and 12 Obedience Trial Champions for her students.  Her tracking classes produced over 100 TDs, 20 TDXs and 2 Tracking Champions. Currently showing exclusively in agility competition, her dog Quirk (his current MACH point lifetime total is 6,065) is now retired with his MACH3. Quirk's son, Zing, recently finished his MACH about 6 weeks prior to Quirk's MACH3. Quirk's grandson, Diz, is about halfway to his MACH and is burning up the ring with his speed and drive. Several of MIckey's students have earned their own MACH titles, with a few moving on to much higher MACH numbers.
Some of the breeds that Mickey has personally trained include German Shepherd Dogs, Shetland Sheepdogs, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Miniature Dachshunds, Border Collies, Weimaraners, Golden Retrievers, and Australian Shepherds.
Turning her talents to another field, Mickey is also an accomplished portrait photographer specializing in pet portraiture and canine event photography. You can see some of her work by clicking on the 'Photography' tab. Be sure to check out the Best Friends Album.